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Ne Zha: The Third Dragon Prince by Mellotaku Ne Zha: The Third Dragon Prince by Mellotaku
This is my very first entry for the Smite Community Art Show. The subject was to draw your favorite god as a monster, so now I am here to introduce Ne Zha: The Third Dragon Prince.

Backstory: "Long ago, the Immortal Sage Taiyi Zhenren resurrected the child warrior Ne Zha to combat the evil Dragon King Ao Kuang. With ease, the young price took down the Dragon King, but the end result was not what the sage expected. From the fallen dragon's corpse, a strange black aura appeared and enveloped Ne Zha, invading his mind and body to change him. Ne Zha screamed in agony as his teeth and nails began to grow long and sharp, his eyes gained a reptilian slit to their iris' and large, monstrous wings sprouted from his back. Finally, the child's screams began to dissipate and he fell to his knees. In the silence, one could faintly hear the sound of laughter from the boy, but it was not the happy and innocent laughter of a child...but the monstrous cackle of demon. The Lotus Prince died that night when Ao Kuang fell...and in his place, rose Ne Zha...The third DRAGON Pince, a demon determined to carry out the plans of the deceased Dragon King and rule over all with an iron claw!"
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April 22, 2014
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